What I Do

I build stuff.

I ask questions. Lots and lots and lots of questions.

In my formal roles in solutions architecture and technical product management, you may find me:

  • Clarifying business and customer/user needs, then using that understanding and technical expertise to drive product definition, systems architecture, prioritization, and planning
  • Facilitating communication:
    • Serving as a bridge between technical and non-technical team members
    • Maintaining transparency with stakeholders by providing information about development work
    • Recognizing gaps in understanding before they cause problems and working to address them
    • Delivering great documentation and presentations

I have repeatedly taken nascent ideas and delivered saleable products and services, often filling multiple roles (including full-stack engineer, database admin, copywriter, and UX/UI designer). I enjoy working on larger cross-functional teams, and while I'm not afraid to jump in and do what's necessary to deliver a great product, I am particularly strong in these areas:


Problem-solving is ultimately about knowing how to ask the right questions. Whether the challenge is a purely technical one requiring troubleshooting or is a broader, systemic issue, I ask the questions that provide clarity and lead to a solution. In addition to strong troubleshooting skills, I have a record of engineering innovative products, systems, and services that address user and business needs.


Clarity and precision are my highest priorities when writing for work, whether for product documentation, user stories and requirements, or routine communication with co-workers and clients. I have a background in science writing—explaining complex technical subjects to a lay audience—and enjoy applying those skills to creating documentation and training materials.


Early in my career, much of my work involved helping people use computers, which provided a front-row seat to the many ways software can fail its users. I developed an intense interest in usability, and as a result, I am always thinking about how choices made in interface design, system architecture, and functionality will affect the experience of using the products I build.


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